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Welcome to KO Fitness!

At KO our goal is to be apart of  your daily routine for an active healthy lifestyle. We take pride in the way we do our personal training sessions. We don’t have rows ands rows of treadmills  nor do we have machines lined up from wall to wall. You may ask why? “We train on  functional fitness”. Functional training deals with real world activities or daily movements in a well designed  program which offers more efficient and better performance in a safer environment of these activities.  At KO we train movements as opposed to just isolating muscles or having you sit on a machine and count reps. The goal: to help your body perform these daily task, chores more efficiently and safer.

A Plan to  Healthy Living

A healthy lifestyle involves balancing and integrating fitness, nutrition, and recovery. KO believes a healthy lifestyle is important and we are committed to helping you to merge your goals to fit your day-to-day life. KO wants to help keep you accountable and to push you in the areas that need improvement. Important to understand and often left out is the application of good nutrition and recovery. Besides our personal training and classes, our staff wants to provide nutritional and recovery techniques that can assure optimal performance and results.

Starting Out: Assessment, Goals, Results.

Our personal training program starts with you. This is essential in making and establishing goals as well as achieving them. At KO we understand that we are all at different levels, and have unique situations, and we want to work with you. In this regard, we use a state of the art system called InBody 370 as well as a functional movement screen.

InBody 370 helps KO to identify your lean muscle mass, your fat mass, and your Basal metabolic rate. Once we establish this important information, we will perform a functional movement screen(FMS), which uses basic bodily movements to gather and note limitations based on imbalances. It is important to note these limitations, for they may lead to injury if not properly addressed. We use this information to actively develop a program that fits and suits your personal needs as well as goals. At KO we want you to see results.


Our upscale, personalized fitness and performance training facility is designed to integrate the best of traditional exercising with the latest functional and performance training methods. We provide high quality equipment for strength, power, mobility performance and cardiovascular training to build lean, athletic bodies. Whether a beginner or the most advanced, our clients enjoy personal training regimens in a unique environment which allow them personal space in a clean, convenient and comfortable facility.


As a member, you will have access to the online DotFit Weight Management program with food log, caloric expenditure records, exercise programming, education, customized meal plan and more.
As an optional add on, we offer proven safe and effective supplementation, including the 90 day DotFit weight loss supplement kit with Caloric nutrition book.
Kimmi after 5 months of small group personal trainingHello, my name is Kimmi Malone.  I have been attending KO Fitness for about 5 months now.  KO has changed my life.  When I first started, I could hardly finish a class, ran out of breath easily and it was a task to go to the gym.  Now, I may not be able to do all the exercises perfectly, but I finish and come back for more.  Not only have I lost weight, I have taken back my life.  KO has taught me to put myself first, making a healthier and happier me.  I have lost 2 dress/pant sizes and I am looking forward to even more!  I am currently take boxing (KB, Hardknocks, TKO, On the Ropes, Strike Fit), SGT, and Spin. The trainers are so welcoming, supportive and modify the activities to best suite your needs.  I am so glad I decided to give ME another chance at living a healthier life.  KO is not only an amazing gym but family to me and I look forward to my workout every day!

Larina loves the personal trainersI love that the trainers genuinely care about each and every one of us!! I’m excited to come and workout everyday!

Lisa attributes her results to her personal trainingIt is so rewarding to be pushed by my trainer every hour I spend here at the gym and see results. I look forward to coming in everyday!

Eric has lost 2% body fat with his personal trainersMeet Eric!! He has lost 2% body fat his first week doing Small Group! We are so excited to see him reach his goals! Great job Eric!!!

Meet Aaron Dean, he has lost 50lbs in the last 5 months, doing Small Group Training! Great Job Aaron!

Meet Amber! She has been with us for the past 7 weeks and has already lost 11lbs! Great job Amber!!
Meet our member of the week James Persinger. He has been a member for 4 years and has lost 60lbs!!! James has benefited from all of our programs, but saw a major difference in his body and strength when he started Small Group Training!!!
10994323_1586460668264181_3182206646072748518_nI’ve been a member of KO Fitness for approximately 6 years and while working out was something Ive always done, the past 2 years has been a turning point in my fitness journey. I have lost a total of 25lbs, and feel that I am in the best shape of my life. I owe it to the KO staff who have pushed and motivated me to work hard. John Do in particular has played a key role in challenging me to take my workouts to the next level. His boxing and small-group classes are outstanding and they have helped me build muscle, strength and endurance. His knowledge and expertise has fueled my passion for fitness. KO Fitness has definitely changed my life!
10887679_1577432509166997_5899533343453142274_oI’m in my fourth week here at KO Fitness and I have never been this excited about getting in shape. This is the first gym that I am actually excited to come to everyday. I genuinely look forward to attending both Small Group Training and the classes. Everyone from the employees to the members, are so encouraging and welcoming. There is no doubt in my mind that I will stick with it this time and finally reach my fitness goals!