Welcome To KO Fitness

At KO our goal is to get you up and moving better. In order to do this, our Personal Trainers focus on functional movement training. This type of Personal Training refers to everyday activity moving multiple body parts. Training this way will allow you to enjoy daily activities that we sometimes take for granted . Performing these exercises safer and more efficient is the goal at KO.

Our Mission

To honor the Lord in all we do by operating the company in a manner consistent with Biblical Principals.
Serving our employees and their families by establishing a work environment and company policies that build character, strengthen individuals and nurture families.

Our Vision

To be the fitness of choice in the Inland Empire.


At KO fitness we love what we do! We want you to succeed, get healthier, stronger and move better.

Core Values

God, Family and then Business. At KO fitness our core values form the foundation on which we perform work and conduct ourselves. Our core values are not descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission. These values underlie our work, how we interact with each other, and which strategies we employ to fulfill our mission. Our core values are the basic elements of how we go about our work. They are the practices we use every day in everything we do.


We will honor God in all that we do. In all circumstances, we will be truthful and honest in our words and with our decisions. We will take personal accountability for the results of our actions and hold others to the same standard.

Learning how to live a more active and healthier Lifestyle.

At KO everybody has a different starting point. Nobody is left behind, the Personal Trainers will take the time to meet with review your goals and determine exercises that are appropriate for you. Make sure to bring your workout journal so the personal trainer can review your history.

Getting the proper rest, eating better and starting an exercise program is the best way to begin this journey of a healthier you. If one area lacks you will not see the best results, so it is very important to put forth your best effort in all three areas.

Start With an Assessment, FMS (Functional Movement Screen) DotFit review.

In order for us to get you to your goal we need to know where you started and how you move. Your first appointment starts with an assessment. During this appointment we take measurements get medical background, determine fitness goals. The FMS allows us to see how you move performing some basic movements. From this FMS we can develop the right program to help you along your fitness journey.This will start the process of monthly measurements to ensure you are headed in the right direction. We don’t just want to tell you that your getting healthier, stronger we want to show you and by doing your measurements and body fat it will prove our personal training system works. We use Inbody 370, one of the most accurate devises to determine your true health.

KO has been proudly serving the city of Riverside since 2006. We have helped thousands of people like you get in better shape and reach your fitness goals. We were the very First gym in the Inland Empire to adopt and implement small group personal training. We were also the first to start using TRX straps. Our experience over the last 9 years of perfecting this type of functional training as allowed us to be the premier destination for Personal Training in Riverside and all of the Inland Empire. We are proud to have been recently Voted Best Health Club by Inland Empire Magazine 2015. We are also very proud to employ Kyle Nowell, Daniel Sanders as they were Voted Best Personal Trainers by Inland Empire Magazine 2015.


Do you want a structured course that will take you through the basics of training with a mentor? Are you looking for hands-on experience leading small groups and larger fitness classes? Do you want the opportunity to practice personal coaching one on one with clients?

Are you motivated to follow through and engage with your clients?

To apply, please send your resume to Brittney Hoban, Director of Personal Training at Kofitnesscenter@aol.com