What to expect your First 14 Days

Time is important, and here at KO we understand that. Likewise we want you to make the most out of your experience with us. Your first 14 days will be your chance to see what makes KO different and how we can provide you with the tools and resources to match your own personal fitness goals and lifestyle.

There tends to be a lot of anxiety within the first few days of starting out a new fitness program with many people. At KO we are committed to show you the personalized tools and plans, and foster a desire to see those plans to completion. Patience is key within these first 14 days. Your body will be adapting and changing to your physical fitness goals, and our goal is to get you started! We want you to feel comfortable at KO as we get to know you and use these first 14 days to try out our multiple classes, personal training sessions and develop a plan.

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KO Assessment

We start all clients with a  initial assessment in which we determine the client’s needs and provide a solution. A functional movement screening will be used to assess your range-of-motion based on seven basic movement patterns. This will help the KO Personal Trainers identify imbalances or limitations in your body and how we can work to achieve your goals based on your own personal framework.Our most successful clients train in our Personal Training small groups or privately and will include group exercise classes in their routine. After the initial assessment, the assessor can determine the program that will fit the client’s goals, needs and budget. In order for everyone to feel good about their decisions, our club will allow everyone to experience personal training within their first 14 days.

Your Personalized Plan

With the knowledge of who you are from the ground up, our goal is to get you started on a personalized plan that is accurate and strategic. We will plan a strength and cardio training program to suit your goals, preferences, and a schedule that is adaptable to you. At KO we will also work with you to fuel your body properly by helping you to set caloric guidelines matched to the metabolic requirement of your body.

Composition Insight

Your body has your own unique composition and metabolism. In order to understand your body better and to design a more functional workout plan, KO uses the InBody 370. One of the most accurate and non-invasive tools on the market, the InBody370 gives and accurate readout of your lean body mass, fat mass, Basal metabolic rate, and daily caloric needs. It is important for screening purpose to refrain from eating, drinking, or exercising 2 hours before our test, as this will provide the most accurate reading.

First 14 Days $89

Our philosophy at KO is to know us is to love us! We are here to motivate you to your fitness goals all the while respecting your time. In other words we will not lose you in a workout. Instead, our desire is to work, show, and empower you in the steps to your fitness goals. The goal for your first fourteen days is for you to see how KO can be part of your day to day routine. We want you to make KO your third place in your daily routine—Home, Work, and KO. Try one free class or personal training session at KO before you sign up for your first 14 Days $89, just to see how great we are.